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Marriage is one of the most beautiful relationships. May it be arranged marriage or love marriage mutual harmony is of utmost importance for a successful relationship. Parents do all his best to get a perfect match for their children, even in a love marriage couples find the best in each other before binding oneself into a marriage. But even after all the efforts and precautions sometimes marriage becomes the biggest nightmare. And the peace of life is highly compromised. There planetary combinations that are highly responsible for marriage disturbance. And one can get the perfect solutions if the horoscope is deeply analyzed to find out the root cause. Once the root cause is found astrological remedies work more effectively.

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When the bond in marriage begins, there is a great deal of hope, joy, and imagination about a possible married life. They're both planning their coming life together. Not all, but a few marriages do not excel in continuing a smooth sailing and a break in the center, converting marriages into sour encounters and shattered dreams.

In general, for such a state, one would blame the other for breaking up and prove that he or she is righteous. This is a blame game, but they both know the true reason to break up. The primary factor behind the break-up of ties may be a lack of confidence and shared understanding. I've personally seen some love-making couples who may be willing to see their love-partner before marriage in some way, but who don't want to see the face of a life-partner after a couple of years of marriage. What does that mean? Either they did not know and appreciate his / her love before marriage, or they could not trust and appreciate his / her life partner after marriage. Where's the fault in that?

First of all, try to figure out if you're still interested in maintaining the friendship. Just take one day to blame the life partner for the negative stuff that's going on with your life. It will perform wonders most of the time. Let your companion know about your emotions. One can still agree that he/she was at fault, whether he/she truly thinks he/she was at fault. The emotion needs to be communicated.

Many of the current marriages are influenced by this form of issue. The couples will continue to blame each other for some minor disagreement. In reality, pride, uncertainty and lack of confidence are the key factors behind such circumstances. This is the policy of giving and receiving. Give your faith and get your faith. In reality, both of these helps to sustain a stable relationship all the time.

When there is no romantic attraction, or when the emotional bond between the pair is small, the sweet relationship eventually fades away.

Do you trust your companion, and he or she trusts that you are honest and trustworthy and that you have no hidden motive. Share the ideas, feelings, and interests to create healthier relationships.

Ascendant and Ascendant Lord both play an important role in understanding a person's way of thinking and individuality. Besides Manglik and other reasons for matchmaking, this fact should also be held in mind for a long-lasting and happy marriage.

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Yeah, this may sound odd, but it has been found that couples have a shared soft corner for each other and secret sweet memories of their past lives where they have spent together. Spontaneous action at the heat of the moment will cause a person to say, "I don't love you anymore" or "I'm leaving," but he or she will soon remember that this declaration has disrupted every part of their lives, and now they will be speculating whether they can keep their balance and cool. Of course, the cause for the breakup can be anything-doubt, uncertainty, or misunderstanding-if you find yourself in such an unwelcome situation; you can feel frightened and uncertain, not knowing what to do next. And the fact is, you're not alone. You're going to find a lot of other people who are not ready to discuss this issue openly with others and are indecisive 'I don't know what to do. My marriage ship is rocking. Is there any time it will sink?

The list of reasons for splitting can be very lengthy. It may be rough and aggressive actions toward each other, involvement from a third party in a relationship, reservations about the existence of each other, poor financial status of a husband, a wife not able to live in a shared household, undue intrusion by a mother-in-law, and so on.

It's easy to sever relationships, but it's hard to prolong and sustain every relationship. Understanding each other is the secret to safeguarding partnerships. Married ties are more delicate and constant efforts are needed to preserve this relationship. Husband and wife may come from separate backgrounds. They may have different choices, behaviors, and thought.So how will this partnership be continued smoothly? Except in the case of a love marriage, where a caring couple has enough chances before marriage to consider and judge each other's level of thought, behavior, and habits, they complain of disharmony in married life. These partners are not compelled to we’d, rather they want to go to marriage because they see harmony in the actions and conduct of each other. There is the fall,

Take a look at each other's vulnerabilities. Every person has flaws. Do not highlight these shortcomings. Sit down and think about what's going wrong. Is there anything else that your wife needs to share, but isn't ready to say to you? It could also be true that you're completely in the dark on what's going on.

Divorce is a horrifying experience and circumstance that nearly all communities around the world have condemned.

In other words, divorce may be defined as the end of a marriage or the death of the marriage. Divorce is a civil split between the husband and the wife, which puts an end to the family life as well as to the vows rendered by the couples before the holy fire (In Hindu Marriages) and the assembly of families of both sides at the time of marriage. The chapter of their marriage is locked forever. A commitment given earlier by the husband and wife to be true and obedient to each other is being broken forever. However, the criteria and processes for divorce vary from society to society, culture to culture, etc.

Although the number of divorce cases in Indian metro cities is growing, due to social and religious commitments, the rate of divorce is still comparatively low in India compared to western countries. Experts have experienced one significant fact in a new analysis in which it has been identified that arranged marriages have a lower incidence of divorce relative to love marriages.

Due to religious affinity, family / social bonding, and the upholding of conventional traditions, divorce is still considered unwelcome in India. Instead of going to court for divorce, the members of the families of both sides also choose to sit down together for common understanding and work out the disagreements for the well-being of the household. They preferably force husband and wife to sort out their differences and compromises to avoid the serious consequences of divorce.

Legally, such grounds have been informed by the Separation and Divorce Provision of the Hindu Marriage Act, which requires some kind of sexual relationship outside marriage, cruelty and physical harm, conversion to faith by any of them, mental or venereal disease, desertion by any of the spouses for at least two years, etc. This is also a long list. This is a very complex process and a lot of facts and details are needed to get divorce into the courts. The reasons for divorce vary from religion to religionin India.

Western and advanced economies have the highest rates of divorce. Perhaps the dedication and seriousness needed for a healthy marriage-life partnership are not that high. The lack of social pressure and an inclination towards sexual attraction may have led to this disastrous condition by raising the unprecedented rate of divorce in those countries.

Whatever the cause may be, the higher incidence of divorce reflects a lack of social, cultural, and traditional values, as well as a lack of shared understanding and religion. These people believe marriage to be enjoyable and to be attempted.

Divorce is a miserable state of affairs. Any partner or both may or may not feel a pinch of divorce, but children, if any, may feel the worst effect of divorce during their lifespan. The innocent may never realize that their mother and father were separated from each other. They feel the scar of neglect on their tender souls. They are feeling the agony of being separated from their kin. Many of them have extreme depression and stress. They become mentally disturbed and more likely to commit crimes and experience personality disorders.

Father is known to be the rule-maker and discipline that enforces the core character of the household. It has also been found in this sense that fatherless children quickly fell victim to offenders and social elements.

Divorce impacts the spouses both emotionally and psychologically. Sum of money they have when, as a couple, they usually dip into the impact of children's schooling and other hobbies. The lack of a father's presence profoundly scratches the self-esteem and trust of the son. In every area of life, the Daughter feels a loss of security.

And it is not difficult to determine who is responsible for the divorce. Whose attitudes or attitudes and acts are responsible for breaking the marriage? There could be a lack of mental harmony and a habit of reasoning between the two. Or any behaviors or acts of someone may irritate the other spouse to such a degree that one has no choice but to vote for a divorce.

If both the wife and the husband fight to exercise their rights and lack patience and empathy, such a situation occurs.

In India, the dowry scheme is also one of the reasons for the abuse of brides, which also ends in divorce. While stringent legislation has been introduced in India to regulate cases of harassment of dowry and abuse of this law in India is not exceptional.

In such a case, astrology has a significant role to play. In Indian astrology, it is customary to align the horoscopes before marriage. Marriage life issues can be prevented or minimized to a degree by matching the horoscopes of boys and girls in advance.

Mars, Saturn, Light, Dragon's Head (Rahu) and Dragon's Tail (Ketu) have detrimental effects on marriage whether they are aligned with the seventh house or its owner. Mars plays a very disruptive function if it is negatively placed in the horoscope.

Apart from therapy, astrological help can also be taken from a professional astrologer to address the issues of married life that could have been triggered by the unfavorable location of planets in horoscopes. These cures include mantra, yantra, gemstones, charity, etc.

My two posts, 'Marriage Related Problem' and 'Marriage Related Problem-ll,' describe the reasons and solutions for marriage related issues faced by many of our readers.

May God save the earth from a divorce curse.

Nowadays, certain marriages are filled with nothing but selfishness, selfishness, suspicion, disgust, arrogance, and adultery.

A very common complaint in a married marriage is about adultery in a love affair. Both men and women suffer from this epidemic, which often turns nasty and becomes one of the key reasons for divorce.

Whatever the excuse, but stealing, is a violation of confidence. I know a couple whose married life was going smoothly. Both husband and wife had a strong appreciation of each other. Suddenly, the husband wanted some money, and he looked for his bonds and diamonds, which he had stored in his locker for the days of need. When he couldn't pin down, he asked his wife where these things were. He was amazed to get the reaction he had got from his wife. She had concealed these things without taking the same into her husband's awareness to support her brother and her parents. This is a violation of confidence and can potentially be considered adultery in a relationship.Interestingly, the husband himself was willing to help his in-laws.

In another instance, the wife with two grown children was uncertain about the integrity of her husband. She suspected her husband of having a romance with his secretary. Once upon a time, she saw them all together and became wary. She attempted to find evidence to prove her husband's presence, but she did not and always used it to inquire about her husband's late appearance in the workplace. She used to make a scene on this topic. One day, the husband left the home, opting to live independently. They didn't demand a divorce, but the suspicious existence of the wife ruined the friendship and the sweet home. Children were the ones who struggled the most. In reality, the husband used to teach his office assistant, and that was the key explanation for his wife's doubts.

There is a wide list of such situations that can be easily found in one's surroundings. The wife blames her husband, and the husband blames his wife for that. No one can figure out the true reason and fix the same thing. The consequence is a fractured relationship and a divorce.

There may be a variety of explanations for discord in ties. One of my coworkers had a very nice friendship with his wife and had a smooth life. Suddenly, his sister-in - law's intervention destroyed the relationship. His wife was under the influence of her sister, who used to provoke her to live away from her family. The husband was hesitant because he was the only sibling, and he was not able to abandon his sick mother alone. Relations have concluded and the matter is now pending in the divorce judge.

In another scenario, a client came to me to know the fate of his married life. Interestingly, there was a guy in his fifties. His wife had a sexual relationship with her brother-in - law, and she freely acknowledged the fact. He didn't want to leave her because of his grown-up children and family conditions, because he now lives with his wife who cheated on him. Can one picture the world of homes that are no less than a spot called hell?

It's not an easy job to blame for those circumstances. Both the wife and the husband have their claims, appeals, and thoughts, which often sound true and sometimes wrong. The outcome is, "You have entered my world, you have failed me, now you have left my heart." Relationships are rising with heartbrokenness and the world seems pointless, aimless, and bleak.

During the Hindu Marriage, it is customary for both the bride and the bridegroom to sincerely embrace and observe certain vows (vachan) in their married life. How many couples are frank about these vows? Some are trustworthy, while others refuse to hold their words as a result of marital issues, including marriage cheating. Love is not simply a bed of flowers. Both husband and wife are bound to fulfill such roles and are equally responsible for upholding each other's trust. Love is also a sacred connection.

Relationships, nowadays, are so based on sex, pride, and selfishness, not enough based on sympathy, respect, affection, cooperation, and dedication.

It usually comes with lies, too. The more a cheater lies about stealing to cover up his or her presence, the more he or she is in a bind. This way lies get bigger and the confidence gets more hurt. One day the border is crossed with no confidence and no faith.

A significant question is that one will heal from the scars of deceit and lack of confidence. Will faith and trust be restored?

It says, "If he cheats once, gets help. If he cheats twice, get out." But is this realistic in the case of Indian communities that are largely ruled by certain religious devotion and compulsion? Isn't it odd that the partner who was cheated continues to stick with the husband who was cheating?

In most cases, women decide to remain with their husbands and attempt to restore their union. For some purposes, women in all walks of life tend to stay in a marital bond even though they feel betrayed by their husbands. Children, the holiness of marriage, or forgiveness may be the cause. Women believe most in the piety of marriage and view marriage as a holy relationship blessed by God.

Confidence can hardly be recovered, and that truth must be well acknowledged by the partner responsible for the loss of trust.

The services of an experienced Marital Counselor must be used to get the marital back on track. Patience and time are needed especially for a partner that has been cheated and is in a state of shock. The possible way out is to accept the facts and attempt to repair relationships only if the other partner cooperates.Whether or not there is a reconciliation, whether or not faith is restored, a crying, bleeding and shattered heart will always say:

"Someday you're going to scream for me as I cried for you, sometimes you're going to need me as I missed you, sometimes you're going to need me as I wanted you, someday you're going to love me, but I'm not going to love you."

In astrology, adultery in romantic affairs can be seen from the malefic influence of the planets on the sixth, seventh, and second house of the birth map. Malefic planets like Mars, Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, and Sun on these houses or the lord of these houses can cause a split or confusion in the relationship of love. The afflicted Venus on a man's chart and the afflicted Jupiter on a woman can both establish this issue.

Horoscopes should be paired before marriage. Remedies, if any, should be carried out appropriately in such cases. In reality, all these points can be taken into consideration only when the horoscopes of the two are paired, i.e. before marriage. After marriage, if such a condition occurs, it is often impossible to recreate the relationship, except with solutions, unless some auspicious celestial mixture is present in the chart.

With the growth in education and technology, the number of marital issues has also risen. The key factor that leads to this issue is the high aspirations of married life in terms of a materialistic approach. The following issues are usually faced in a couple's married life:

  • 1. Lack of mental harmony i.e. lack comprehension between the two.
  • 2. Delay of marriage.
  • 3. Husband bullying a woman in one way or another
  • 4. Woman who is not compliant, i.e. creating an unwanted environment
  • 5. Man may be physically frail
  • 6. Women may have a difficulty in conceiving
  • 7. Man may have an appreciation of his wife, but not of his In-laws.
  • 8. Woman does not like living with her in-laws.
  • 9. There is an understanding between husband and wife, but they don't live together, i.e. man has to go a long way to get food.
  • 10. There is an understanding between the two, but because of a poor financial situation, the woman is not satisfied.
  • 11. Woman fears her husband's honesty and feels ill because of her husband's friendship with another woman. Often a man has no intention of this sort, but because of his workenvironment, he might have an imminent woman's business that generates anticipation in a woman's head. Sometimes, women's doubts may be real, or they may simply be false, based on the background of each event.
  • 12. Case in relation to the condition set out in the last paragraph above.

Before marriage, it is often best to visit an astrologer.

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