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Dr. Hemant Barua

The name Dr. Hemant Barua does not need any special introduction in India and abroad for his unparalleled astrology skills. He has been awarded 100s of awards by several organizations as the best astrologer in India. He is a celebrity astrologer in India with highly accurate and trusted astrology skills with 100% customer satisfaction not only in India but also across the globe. He also strives to share his vast astrology knowledge through his YouTube channels and articles which makes him one of the top Indian astrologers.

Talking about his life journey, that doesn’t seem quite familiar with the story of many other astrologers whose ancestor inspired them to go into the field of astrology. In Dr. Hemant Barua’s case, things were way more different. Dr. Hemant Barua has worked as creative head in many top MNC in the initial phase of his career. While working as the Head of Creative Department he worked with 100s of brands that went pretty well. Still, since that, he had a hidden interest in astrology. But as they say, sometimes you don’t choose your career instead of that, that stream opts you, and the same thing happened with Dr. Hemant Barua too. In his life, he faced certain situations that inclined him towards astrology. At this point, he felt the need, helping people so that no one else has the same victim story as he had. He experienced that honest astrology is missing these days or maybe hard to find that somehow mislead people. After then helping people through astrology became the purpose of his life. For Dr. Hemant Barua making money is not the only purpose for him behind practicing astrology. Such an honest approach towards astrology made him a commercialization cracker in this field. In the initial phase of his astrology practice, he also gave astrology teachings and consultation free of cost. Now it has been more than a decade that he is teaching astrology to people. Talking about his educational background, Dr Hemant Barua holds a post-graduate in Fine Arts and Astrology as well. With his educated friend circle, he has always been motivated towards his work that requires utmost hard-work and patience.

Dr. Hemant Barua is a dynamic astrologer, who is driven by curiosity and his divine belief in this science.


He has a YouTube channel as well that is growing continuously and recently has touched 1,00,000+ Subscribers. He posts various sorts of videos that include a Monthly horoscope that is well-calculated and reliable. His channel also has a playlist of videos on busting the myths of astrology like Sade SatiMangal DoshKaal Sarp DoshRahu Ketu yog, etc. through Vedic astrology.

The axis of his consultation lies in trustable and honest predictions that could be brutal sometimes but can’t be misleading. His predictions are more focused on the authentic and spontaneous solution that never compromises the purpose of astrology.

Dr. Hemant Barua has commenced many pieces of research in astrological seminars that have surprised many experienced astrologers in the field. Also known as Myth buster, Dr. Hemant Barua has given highly appreciated research work on various topics of astrology. Speaking about myths, after researching on gems and learning gemology himself, he suggested that we all are gemstones in ourselves. He has also given a dedicated video to the most mysterious phenomena of Rahu Ketu Yog in a Kundali that includes various surprising facts regarding this yog.

He has gained knowledge and experience in ‘Gemology’ ‘Vaastu Shastra’ and ‘Numerology’ too. He has also created a few pieces of research on it. Dr. Hemant Barua has been giving consultation regarding various aspects of life and hold expertise in predicting Job, Business, Match-Making related queries. People have made their personal and professional lives much smoother with reliable predictions by Dr. Hemant Barua. He also engages himself in many social causes and working as a social worker in society for a very long time. He has also enrolled himself with a few reputed NGOs with whom he is well-connected.

Having consultations from an astrologer who comes with such a background and working history could lead you towards the new dimensions of life.

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