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One of the most important goals of people is to get a perfect job or profession, we spend a good amount of time to achieve our career-related goals. But sometimes being top in education and having all good scores we struggle to establish ourselves in a job or profession. And we face so many delays and difficulties. While people with similar or low competence get ahead of us. This is where destiny or say fortune comes into the picture. Everything is well connected with karma, but the output of karma is very dependent on planetary alignment. There are some planets responsible for success and even for a fail. But the good thing about astrology is that if one gets his horoscope deeply analyzed, there are very many good chances that the root cause of the problem could be analyzed. Once we come to know the root cause astrology remedies help to solve the issues in a more definite manner.

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Twelve houses of a horoscope refer to different facets of a person's life. Career-wise every house has its value. Planets signify the essence of a profession that a person would like to select from. The location of main or powerful planets in separate houses suggests the probable region of one's career. Let's begin with the first house of the horoscope. The first house is the self. It signifies achievement in the field of self-employment. The second house encompasses the field of profession in accounting, investment, finance, coaching, advising, writing, and publishing. The third house is a contact house. Suitable occupations for this house include marketing, distribution, advertisement, computers, web design, travel, writing, and export. The fourth house is owned by property and automobiles. Career knows the field of agriculture, construction materials or contractors, selling of cars, mining, etc. that suits this home. Fifth, it signifies conjecture. Marketing shares, brokers, banking, education, etc. are likely to be a career field. The Sixth House is a house with lawsuits, debts, illnesses, and conflicts. Solid planet here points to police-related careers, service life, court, debt rehabilitation, hospitals, etc. Maternal ties are both beneficial and fruitful. The Seventh House is a house of industry and collaboration, including connections with women. The Occupation of this House is linked to a relationship in the company, trade, etc. The company in the name of a wife would be good based on the placement of the planets. A career in eighth house suits applies to insurance. This house also belongs to the forces of confidentiality, including science, etc. The astrology and magic powers of this house are innate. The ninth house is a house with good luck and faith. A law-related profession, a priest, head of a religious body, going to religious places fits this home. The Tenth Horoscope House is renowned for its link to government and politics. Career linked to government employment, lawmakers concerned with public life, is under the jurisdiction of this Chamber. The eleventh building is revenue building. All the planets here are giving good results. The location of several planets in this house suggests revenue from several sources. The Elder Brother is helping to make a living. The twelfth house reveals careers linked to foreign countries, import exports, travel agents, hospitals, prisons, etc.

In Indian astrology, Saturn is known to have a major role to play in career and professional life. This world is considered to offer adversity as well as life trouble. If Saturn is put adversely in the chart, the problems may cause a lot of concern.


Yet Saturn is a wonderful teacher, too. It gives enormous difficulties and creates delays that mean little to comprehend. These difficulties, etc., are like a reminder to a human that he has done something wrong or committed bad karmas in his or her past life, and that, as such, he has to repay the same for all these difficulties. These challenges make an individual pure and cause him to worry about what he did wrong in his life. Yes, if Saturn triggers all the problems, he still has the power to give it back in the future if an individual is righteous.

The 10th house of the horoscope shows a person's professional life. With this home, his work and occupation can be analyses. So Saturn has a special bond with this house. Saturn put in the 10th house or its appearance on the 10th house through the Ascendant or 4th house creates initial difficulties in having the desired work, even though the native may be well trained. But the same Saturn bestows his blessings later on, and after he has passed all the hurdles, the native will attain popularity and place in his career.Saturn put in the 8th house creates more life problems, and such a person must suffer more in thisaccount. He’s got to confront the challenge of settle down his life. In this relation, the position of Lord of the 10th house should also be moved over. His selection has an impact on a person's future. If it is put in charitable houses with healthy planets, the same would give beneficial outcomes. If the 10th Lord is weak or pessimistic, he will cause more difficulties in his career. The 10th lord in the 6th, 8th or 12th house of the chart slows down his elevation and career opportunities. Similarly, the lords of the 6th, 8th, or 12th house in the 10th house or with the lord of the 10th house are considered derogatory in terms of employment and profession.Saturn's passage through the 8th house is perceived to be the toughest for jobs and occupation. Such an individual must face embarrassment, and his seniors and colleagues will oppose him and cause trouble for him.


• The 10th Lord in Ascendant may be self-employed. • The 10th lord of the 2nd house guarantees a job or a career in accounting, teaching, or finance.
• In the 3rd building, it shows the correspondence, publishing, or machine information field.
• 4th house belongs to land or property, etc. As such, 4th house location refers to the construction or real estate industry, agriculture, and mining.
• The 5th house has an interest in finance and the capital exchange and the 6th house as advocates, legal consultants, or the military business.
• The seventh house shows the relationship. Such an individual could be effective in a partnership firm.
• The 10th lord in the 8th house suggests a study related to the occupation or profits by occult science. In the 9th building, such a role involves the profession of tourists, tour guides, professors, or lecturers in educational institutions.
• The 10th house offers jobs in the government or the management sector.
•The 11th house may suggest an occupation linked to finance or commerce.
• The 12th house can demonstrate an interest in international business or professions related to the medical profession.

To be successful in the occupation or company, the Lord of the 10th house should be strengthened. Specifically, those who have jobs in the field of work should take the blessing of Lord Saturn to maintain their jobs and even receive increases in their careers, etc.
The Lord of Ascendants should also take care of the fact that he has the most important role to play in achieving fulfillment in any aspect of life, including his career.
To make life a success, both lawyers, politicians, and educational institutions should boost their Jupiter.
Hold a landscape of mountains or hills on the back of your seat when you're in the workplace.
Whatever your profession might be, your seat may never be under a beam.
Try not to face the wall while you're sitting in a chair. Wall is supposed to be on your left, and there should be open space in front of you. This brings vitality and has a positive effect on his career or his occupation.

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