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The moon sign is the absolute answer to a wide array of questions that are proposed in the vast sphere of astrology. The Rashi Phal or Rashifal, which is a carefully calculated daily prediction, is also written and formulated with reference to it.

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The moon and it’s twenty-eight day revolution around the Earth is commonly linked to the mother, femininity and the menstrual cycle. It is often the moon sign which prominently affects one’s life due to speedy changes in its position and its transitions. The moon stays in a certain sign only for an average of two and a half days, hence calculating the exact location involves a intricate pattern analysis. The phases of the moon, namely the waxing and the waning are frequently linked to mood swings observed in one’s day to day life. Emotional state, behaviour, reactions, temperament and interests are some of the factors that can be analysed by studying the moon sign.

It is of vital importance to study the moon sign as it gives a clear perspective of one’s true inner self. Mental health and one’s overall emotional well-being can be determined to a great extent with the help of a detailed study. According to Vedic astrology, the moon sign also holds immense control over certain vital parts of the body such as the heart, the bladder, the brain and so on. It has also been clearly linked to the body’s glands and fluids.

Unlike the calculation of the sun sign, the moon sign of an individual is determined by more than just one’s date of birth. The date, time and place of one’s birth are the vital details required to accurately calculate it. The complexity of the assessment reaps many benefits as the moon sign is said to dominate your personality and heavily influence all of your actions. Once you have a thorough understanding of yourself, it easier to notice emotional patterns and hidden desires. The moon sign also caters to other needs such as compatibility in the proceedings of matchmaking. Essentially, the moon sign provides to be one of the core tools of Vedic astrology and a bare prerequisite to explore how you perceive yourself.

The moon sign calculator will help you determine your horoscope. The astrologer can then proceed to assist you in answering any doubts or queries you may have regarding your personal life.

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