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Out of 100, only 15% of people do the business and out of which 2% get super success in their business. Sometimes we get success with very little effort and on other hand, we put all our best but we get no luck in business. There are lots of planetary combinations that are responsible for success, failure, delay, debt in the business. And by analyzing the horoscope deeply one can get the root cause of the problems. Once the root cause is found then astrological remedies or suggestion works more effectively. Horoscope analysis ensures the correct path and timing for success in any business.

Astrology for Business-related issues

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill.
As per Business Problem Solution Astrologer Dr. Hemant Barua Company problems will keep one active and struggling (busy) for a long time, as the term-ness itself reflects. The company is an enticing term since it means more money and, more importantly, more money. First and foremost, the business thing is that a person should have a built-in passion for doing business. I say, a person should not be diverted away from business by inherited, genetic, social pressure, lured by others, or just to see “let’s do this.” It could be risky. Vedic Astrology assists with business-related practices from all directions. It has ample rules and instructions not only to identify what business to do when to do, with whom to do but also to protect your business. Any lack of attention or haste will lead to irreversible problems. So, it’s advisable to spend a few minutes with a good astrologer to have the most important business decisions wetted by your horoscope. Now
business-related problems are such a large topic that little can be explained in a single write-up or blog.

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Your planets themselves did not help the enterprise. A company requires certain special skills or characteristics that an employee can ultimately possess. The relevant importance and effect of these characteristics can vary based on the type of company that you choose to do. But some or most of these features are standard that a person should have before venturing into any company. A horoscope specifically deciphers which of these traits are accessible to you, and ignores the influence of these traits read by your planets, is the first of the business-related concerns. Lacking these qualities can become a hindrance to your company at one point or another. A specific planet supports a certain business talent and ability, and if one does not have such skills, business success will come only for a limited period. Now, which planet supports the business skills, is discussed below.


How do planets support business skills?


Planet Traits helpful in Business
Sun Gives courage and resourcefulness
Moon A calm mind and self-confidence to act wisely
Mars Gives energy, initiative, and ability to deal with competitors
Mercury Ability to enter profitable deals and communication skills
Jupiter Positive attitude and wisdom and ability to profitably expand business
Venus Gives an analytical mind with affectionate and polite behavior to deal with customers
Saturn Courage, stability, and inner strength to tolerate ups and downs in business
Rahu Ability to deal with challenges
Ketu Ability to explore new avenues in one’s field of business

You selected the wrong line of Business. Again, it's almost as important to consider what kind of company is going to suit you. Not everybody will do all sorts of business. Now, here, the various planets in the horoscope sufficiently show which company is going to suit that. Again, I mean, there are broad instructions in the Horoscope as to which planet is helping what kind of enterprise. The following is a short table on this: Which planet supports which business?

Planet Main lines of business it Signifies
Sun Dealing in copper, gold, chemicals, medicines and dealing with government
Moon Related to banks, hospitality, liquids, milk, traveling,
Mars Copper, fire, electricity, Welding, engineering, arms, ammunition, sharp objects & law
Mercury Marketing,, research, editing, journalism, accounting, Astrology, Astronomy
Jupiter Finance, related to religious bodies, education, related to children, etc. law
Venus Luxury items, women’s clothing and items, interior work, designing, vehicles, architecture,
Saturn Stones, oil, mining, judiciary, cement, building materials, leather, engg. railways, medicine
Rahu Traveling, inventing, goldsmith, astrology, liquor, machinery, photography, the radio, casinos.
Ketu Tours, travel, surgery, secret services, space-related exploration, Yoga, flying, etc.

It will be worth reading my article on business during Corona times which is endorsed by Outlook India also.

When the correct decision on these two things is taken, the market-related problems come along with what we face throughout the continuity of the business. Generally, the individual doing business is given an indication of which particular place might trouble him. If it is the association of the individual with whom the company is being carried out, owing to the disagreement with the rules/policies of the Government, the mismanagement of funds, the malpractice of employees, and the like. Let us strive to recognize these problems in the world of industry, and astrology has some answers to this.

Many times in a picture of company growth, we go to business alliances. Perhaps so many cooks ruin the broth The most important consideration here may be that the partner does not have business yoga in his / her horoscope. This may have a very negative effect on your industry because you are the best in the industry. This companion may be anyone from the family or beyond. Other aspects may be that the companion has a secret agenda, a deceitful disposition, a desire to hide/manipulate, etc. All these points can be seen very well from several maps, mostly D-10, D-12, D-60. Astrology has all the instructions to examine any other aspect that is important to your business-related problems, and then you will certainly take precautions. Tap on astrology for a relationship company Learns how astrology supports business relationships and pick partners.

Yeah, you will be guided by a proper reading of the horoscope as to how to defend yourself from the laws of the government. It can help an individual understand how and where the laws and regulations of the government can influence your business. Typically, it happens because a person is going overboard or being over-confident. One can battle with a person, a party, a rival, an employee, but not when there is a government problem. These issues can be examined by careful screening of the D-9, D-10, D-12 & D-60 maps. Such is the effect of these causes that one not only destroys all accrued dignity and income but can face severe repercussions such as seizures, incarceration, and so on. Click here to learn all about it with live illustrations.

Often, amid our best Yoga company & efforts, we're beginning to see a sudden decline in the company. This may be attributed to individual causes like going overboard, so much violence, envy. Although as we venture further into the horoscope, we find that this is because of certain inimical planets in our horoscope. These planets are behaving so crudely and cleverly that we don't know before we reach the worst south. You may recognize visible rivals, allies, but not rivals posing as allies. Tap on Astrology for Business Concerns and learn more about how Astrology improves when the business goes down. There may be a lot of other problems like:


1. You've made the wrong investments. Means either over-invested or invested in the wrong way.

2. Miscellaneous diversification in industry. With the growth of your company, you have been guided to invest in an enviable company. It also occurs that the producer is involved in the property market.

3. Employee's unease. Success in your company is not only a matter of your own, but the fate of an employee will lead to your success. But as we expand, we seem to neglect or downgrade the value of employees.

4. Vastu's associated problems. Yeah, this may also be a major factor causing business-related difficulties. A one-time scanning by Vastu Shastra may be a critical factor here.

Similar issues could cause unrest in the company. But don't fear, astrology has the mandate to determine the causes behind all these market problems. But now, one thinks like the company isn't progressing in a typical direction, it's still advised to visit an astrologer. To fix business challenges, it is often easier to take corrective steps in time than to engage in mindless routines, particularly after the damage has been done.

1. In the judgment of the company the 7th house is influential and in comparison to this house, the 2nd, 6th, and 10th house must also be considered. The tenth house is the house of operation (Karam Sathan). The 2nd house is your wealth, and the 6th house is the service you provide through your company. Differently, these three houses are visz. The 2nd, 6th, and 10th are Earth-element signals, as per the Kaalpurush Kundali, thus linked to material performance.

2. The 7th house becomes more prevalent in the case of any relationship or self-employed form of company.

3. Significant Position of the 3rd House: The 3rd House in the birth chart reflects self-confidence and between the planets, Saturn implies commitment and hard work, so any close connection between Saturn and the 3rd House by positioning, conjuncture, the presence or Nakshatra indicates progress in the company.

4. The position of Venus and Mercury: Strong and favorable Venus and Mercury, particularly if the 2nd, 6th, and 10th houses are effective in the company. Mercury is more important in the relationship sector as a general means of exchange.

5. Venus, put in its own or pleasant signs in the 12th building, gives riches and leisure by company.

6. 2nd 3rd and 10th and 11th houses also known as the Upchaya houses are, in effect, houses of growth, such that the Jupiter and Venus associated with them offer success in business and free flow of capital.

7. The second, seventh, tenth, and eleventh rooms, which have some connection with the ascendant and or his lord, ensure income by company.

Role of Nakshatras: The author has found in certain horoscopes that if the planets signifying the 7th and 10th houses collapse in the Nakshatras of the 2nd and 11th houses, then greater progress in business is suggested.

An effective businessman or a businesswoman requires initiative, resourcefulness, diplomatic skills, bravery, and good connections with neighbors and others. All these characteristics are often related to the 3rd house in the birth table.

Now this entire story is based on our horoscope, human-created causes, and possible remedies. Astrology is not limited to this, and even more, can be derived in particular situations based on actual evidence. However, this does not provide explanations for force majeure.

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