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Basics of Astrology

Is it necessary to conceive about astrology without the influence about stars and zodiac signs? F

Inauspicious Yoga

Yoga formed when Jupiter is in conjunction with, or appears to be, Rahu or Ketu. The characterist

Inauspicious Yoga

Shakat Yoga is considered to be one of the very bad yoga developed in the horoscope according to

Jupitar in all 12 houses

As a native with Jupiter in 2nd house, you are born with a silver spoon; your position never wave

Jupitar in all 12 houses

If you have Jupiter in the 3rd house, it really enhances your mental capabilities. You are very i

Jupitar in all 12 houses

As we said before, Jupiter is the guru, it represents the elderly. So, when it is posited in four

Dr. Hemant Baura

About Hemant Baura

Hemant Barua is one of the top astrologers in India who has vast experience in teaching astrology and also with giving astrological consultancy. While making predictions he also combines System-Based Vedic Astrology with modern astrology. Divisional charts, Ashtakvarga, deep and logical calculations of horoscpe , classic references are the basics of his astrological predictions. His...

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