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Health is perhaps the most important aspect of human life. The essentiality of it has birthed an entire branch of astrology related to health, fitness and well being. This system links the planets, sun and moon with various body parts, medications and ailments. We owe it to our ancestors who had initially discovered that astrology not only influences our lives, but also our health.

Ayurveda is the ancient traditional Indian medicine. The fact that it still exists in today’s modern world is sheer proof of its versatility and beneficial application. Health astrology requires an extensive knowledge of both astrology and medicine. Each of the astrological signs can be associated with certain parts of the human body. In fact, each and every planet can impact a specific part of the body. A knowledgeable astrologer can track down the problems using various relevant astrological charts. This aids in successfully healing the unwell by predicting possible remedies and also preventing the foreseeable illness altogether.

By consulting the astrology regarding any queries you may have, you are taking control of your health and essentially your over-all well being. If you are concerned about your health and wish to know tips that will work for your body, the help of an astrologer is required. The first step to leading a fruitful life begins with having a robust body and mind.

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The sixth house in the horoscope implies the health of an individual. It must be noted that the alignment of the other houses also impact health dynamically.

So for an accurate analysis, all the connections must be interpreted.

Yes, astrologers are able to accurately predict health problems prior to their occurrence. Analyzing the horoscope can indicate the body’s strengths and weaknesses. However, the solution provided is subjective to each chart and varies accordingly.

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Dr. Hemant Barua

Always believes in giving genuine and best astrology solutions to any stubborn problems in life. Majority of his clients are through reference and he is highly recommended by celebrities too. All his clients feel so connected with him that they keep sharing their true experience about astrology consultations and always recommend him as their first choice whether it is career consultation, business consultation, job consultation, finance astrology consultation, or marriage matchmaking astrology.

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Highly trusted and watched astrologer

Dr. Hemant Barua strongly believes in unfolding the secrets of Vedic astrology therefore he has been sharing his deep and ocean like vast knowledge of Vedic astrology through his YouTube videos. His experience and deep understanding of astrology is what made him the most trusted and famous astrologer in India. He is also an internationally renowned astrologer because of his pure talent and passion for perfect horoscope.

He makes monthly and yearly horoscope videos with proper research without feeding lies. His calm, humble, and down to earth personality makes him cherished and loved by all his viewers internationally. To spread the knowledge of astrology into the masses, he is all set to release a very useful book on astrology, which will be extremely beneficial for all astrology enthusiasts out there.

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